Digital Leaders at BETT – get involved in the conversation! – #DLsBETT15

For those who have not seen it I recently wrote a blog for Pearson about how technology has moved on from when I was in school to being a teacher and now working in the edtech community.

Pearson are focused on ensuring technology has an impact on learner outcomes and to that end we have a lot of exciting stuff happening on stand F289 during the show – including a group of developers who will be making an app LIVE with feedback and input from teachers and students throughout the 4 days. We will also have a whiteboard artist charting the progress and also keeping up with our #learneroutcomes conversations. Follow the hashtag to find out more and to get involved in the conversation.

Having not left the teaching classroom too long ago myself I am particularly keen to find out what your students or Digital Leaders think of the products and ideas they see at BETT during their visit. We have some of the Fronter Champion Schools involved already but I am writing this blog as I want to open this up to everyone with Digital Leaders visiting the show and also to anyone who would like to join in from the comfort of their own schools/homes.

We hope that the ideas and tasks below will give the Digital Leaders and other students something exciting to focus on and have fun and we hope that the responses will be of use to everyone who wants to join in and find out what the next generation are looking for!

If you would like to get your Digital Leaders involved please use the hashtag #DLsBETT15 and let us know what you are seeing at the show, what is exciting you and what is making you yawn (been there, seen that!)

You can also get ideas here of how these activities can help your DLs work towards some #DLOpenBadges  – contact @gr8ict for more information about Open Badges and the Digital Leader network and follow the #DLChat hashtag to chat with lots of other educators who have student Digital Leaders.

I would also like to interview Digital Leaders for short clips to share with people who are not able to make it to BETT so that they can stay involved – if you would like me to interview your DLs please contact me on Twitter or visit me on the Pearson stand (F289) between 11am and 12pm or 2pm and 3pm Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. If you prefer them not to be on film I can also do voice recordings or simply share their ideas via blog/tweets.

Questions and ideas for DLs at BETT

1) Is there a product or products you have seen which really amazed you?

2) Are there any stands at the show which you think shine above the rest? What is it about them? The product or the stand design or the extras? (artists/demos/creative design etc)

3) Which products/ideas would you most recommend to your teachers to use in school?

4) Which products/ideas would you most recommend to your friends to use at/from home?

5) If you have seen any talks/demos by other students or teachers what impressed you most and why?

6) What do tech companies need to think about when developing new products?

7) What has not been invented yet but you think is most needed for you to learn in easier/more efficient ways?


1) During the show come and find me on stand F289 (times listed above) to be interviewed for the video stream/blogs and tweets

2) Before/during/after the show create your own stand design for a fictional tech company. Tell us what should be on the stand to make you interested in going to have a look

3) Before/during/after the show create a design for your own edtech invention. Tell us how it will help students with their learning or how it will help to make your teachers’ lives easier!

4) Network with other DLs. Get in touch via the #DLsBETT15 hashtag and arrange to meet up with some other students to share feedback/ideas.

5) Make an advert (no longer than 90 seconds) for the BETT show. How would you encourage other teachers to come and/or how would you encourage them to bring their students? This could be a podcast/video or a poster

6) Come to the Pearson stand F289 to get involved in helping developers to create a new app LIVE!

If you do not use Twitter please email any ideas to and I can add them to Twitter. Also you can email or tweet the pictures or scans or your invention/stand designs and any adverts/interviews/blogs you would like to share. By sending us any material either via twitter or via email you are agreeing for us to display this on our websites and through social media and credit it to you/your students – please let us know how you like us to credit you – School name/student name etc. We will use first names only for student work not surnames.

I look forward to meeting you at the show and joining in the conversation online.


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